Dewi Persik Birthday Wish: A Happy Family and Marriage

Dewi Persik Birthday Wish: A Happy Family and Marriage

Hey, everyone! Dewi Persik just celebrated her 38th birthday, and guess what? She spilled the beans on a birthday wish that’s got everyone talking. The scoop is, she’s dreaming of tying the knot with a guy who can guide her in building a happy family. Let’s dive into Dewi’s birthday revelations and find out what’s on her mind.


Dewi Persik : Birthday Dreams Unveiled:

So, as Dewi blew out the candles on her 38th birthday cake, she didn’t just wish for more candles next year. Nope, she spilled her heart out about a dream close to every girl’s heart – getting hitched with a dude who’ll help her create a blissful family.

Dewi Persik Birthday Wish: A Happy Family and Marriage

Dewi Persik Dream Marriage:

In a chat in the Mampang area of Jakarta Selatan, Dewi Persik spilled the tea on her birthday aspirations. She said, “Having a harmonious family, having kids – that’s every woman’s hope.” The singer of “Mimpi Manis” felt like she’d been hustling for herself for years. Now, she’s ready to try juggling work and managing a household once she ties the knot.

The Quest for a Happy Family:

Let’s break it down – Dewi Pessik is on a mission for that perfect family life. She’s got her eyes set on a guy who can be her partner in crime, making the whole family gig a breeze. It’s not just about a wedding; it’s about building a dreamy life together.

Dewi Persik : Work, Work, Work:

Dewi Persik spilled the beans about how she’s been grinding for years, hustling and bustling in the world of showbiz. But now, it’s like she’s hitting the pause button on the solo act and thinking, “Why not share the spotlight with a family?”

Balancing Act:

Imagine this – Dewi Persik, the glam queen, swapping her heels for comfy slippers and managing a household. It’s all about finding that sweet balance between work and family life. And you know what? Dewi’s up for the challenge.

Dewi’s Heartfelt Confession:

When Dewi talks about her dream, it’s not just about a flashy wedding or Instagram-worthy pics. Nope, it’s about finding a dude who’ll be there through thick and thin, helping her navigate the rollercoaster of family life. It’s a real and heartfelt wish from the birthday girl.

The Road Ahead:

As Dewi Persik blows out the birthday candles, we can’t help but wonder what lies ahead. Will her dream of a happy family and marriage come true? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – Dewi’s ready for the next chapter, and we’re here cheering her on!


So, there you have it – Dewi Persik’s birthday revelation about wanting a family and marriage. It’s not just about turning another year older; it’s about turning the page to a new chapter. Let’s wish Dewi all the happiness and see what the future holds for this fabulous lady. Cheers to birthdays, dreams, and the exciting journey ahead!